Structural Bioinformatics Group

Group Members

Head of the group

Robert PreissnerProf. Dr. Robert Preissner, Dipl.- Biophys.

Junior Group Leaders, Post Docs & Research Associates

Mathias DunkelDr. Mathias Dunkel, Dipl.- Inf.
Andrean GoedeDr. Andrean Goede, Dipl.- Math.

Ute SeelandDr. med. Ute Seeland
Bjoern Oliver GohlkeDr. Bjoern Oliver Gohlke, M.Sc. Bioinf.
Anna Katharina SchreyDr. Anna Katharina Schrey, Dipl.- Chem.

PhD Students & Visiting Researchers

Qiaofeng ChenQiaofeng Chen, M.Sc. Bioinf.
Andreas EckertAndreas Eckert, M.Sc. Bioinf.
Franziska FritzFranziska Fritz, M.Sc. Bioinf.

StudentKathleen Gallo, M.Sc. Bioinf.
Emanuel KemmlerEmanuel Kemmler, M.Sc. Bioinf.
Renata AbelRenata Abel, M.Sc. Bioinf. and Biotech
Jiping WangJiping Wang, M.Sc. Med.

Masters & Bachelors Students

StudentDimitris Trigoniaris
StudentMoritz Grahl
StudentFrederic Dehnbostel

Previous members of the group can be found on the alumni page.