Structural Bioinformatics Group

Group Members

Head of the group

Robert PreissnerPD Dr. Robert Preissner, Dipl.- Biophys.

Post Docs & Research Associates

Mathias DunkelDr. Mathias Dunkel, Dipl.- Inf.
Andrean GoedeDr. Andrean Goede, Dipl.- Math.

Ute SeelandDr. med. Ute Seeland
Bjoern Oliver GohlkeDr. Bjoern Oliver Gohlke, M.Sc. Bioinf.
Anna Katharina SchreyDr. Anna Katharina Schrey, Dipl.- Chem.

PhD Students & Visiting Researchers

Qiaofeng ChenQiaofeng Chen, M.Sc. Bioinf.
Robert PreissnerAndreas Eckert, M.Sc. Bioinf.
Franziska FritzFranziska Fritz

StudentKathleen Gallo
Renata AbelRenata Abel, M.Sc. Bioinf. and Biotech

Masters & Bachelors Students

StudentMoritz Grahl
StudentEmanuel Kemmler

StudentJulian Bunzel
StudentFrederic Dehnbostel

Previous members of the group can be found on the alumni page.