Structural Bioinformatics Group

Theoretical Course (Kernmodul)

Structural Bioinformatics (Methods in Drug Development - Theoretical Course)

This online course will take place in the semester break (27.03.2023 - 05.04.2023), 8 days during 2 weeks, daily 10 am - 1 pm

Preliminary meeting:

  • Date: will be announced
  • Time: 11.00 am
  • Place: online

Course overview:

The Structural Bioinformatics Group offers a broad and comprehensive set of lectures in the areas of structural bioinformatics and drug design. The course begins with a general introduction of the drug design pipeline and an introductory course on the structural bioinformatics research field. These lead on to more specialized topics, amongst others in chemo-informatics, molecular docking, homology modeling and more detailed aspects of toxicity prediction models.

Course structure:

This course consists of eight lecture series. A detailed lecture for a period of 2 hrs on individual topics is delivered in the morning session. Afternoon session consists of an assignment for each topic. This part of the lecture course is assessed by examination, which will take place at the end of the course. Students are asked to delivered a seminar/presentation for 25 minutes, on the topic assigned to them. The material for the examination will be provided in advance, ensuring that the students have required time for preparation.

Topics of the course:

  1. Introduction
  2. Chemical Similarity
  3. 3D Similarity
  4. Molecular Docking
  5. Natural products and drug design
  6. Predictive Toxicology
  7. Drug Repurposing

Important: Material from the theory course will be intensively used in the practical course. It is advisable, that the students need to attend the theory course before participating in the practical course. Both the courses are interlinked.