Structural Bioinformatics Group

Software Course (Softwarepraktikum)

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Personalizing therapy through pharmacokinetics and co-morbidity analysis

The goal is to make the use of medication more safe by improving a pharmacokinetic analysis of drug concentration in patients overtime to ward off potential side-effects, as well as creating tools for visualizing gender differences and co-morbidities in common diagnoses

  • Programming languages: Javascript, MySQL (Optional), Java (Optional)
  • Short Introduction: Project Description

Drug (Re)Discovery and Retargeting

The aim is exploring methods for finding new drugs and drug-effects and refining knowledge of their interactions, both using machine learning to predict targets, as well as using network-based pharmacology to analyze molecular mechanisms of herbal medicine

  • Programming languages and software: Python, MySQL (Optional)
  • Short Introduction: Project Description

Big data approach to predict chemical toxicity

The aim of the project is to develop a data-driven approach to predict successes and failures of clinical trials. Project includes application of machine learning, pharmacophore techniques for elucidation of structural features responsible for particular toxicity. More details can be found in the project description.

  • Programming languages and software: Java/Python and KNIME
  • Short Introduction: Project Description