Signature for Oscillatoria chalybea

This table gives you a general view of the organism's signature. All mVOCs of the choosen species are represented. Furthermore, other fungal or bacterial species emitting those compounds are displayed. The signature of a bacterium or fungi shows the significance of the mVOCs on the current scientific knowledge. Compounds that are emitted by just one of the listed species are colored in green.


Streptomyces aureofaciens ETH 13387
Streptomyces spp. AMI 240
Streptomyces spp.
Streptomyces sp. GWS-BW-H5.
Streptomyces sp.
Streptomyces olivaceus ETH 7437
Streptomyces murinus NRRL 8171
Streptomyces murinus DSM 40091
Streptomyces hygroscopicus ATCC 27438
Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus DSM 40236
Streptomyces griseus ATCC 23345
Streptomyces diastatochromogenes IFO 13814
Streptomyces aureofaciens ETH 28832
Actinobacteria sp.
Streptomyces alboflavus TD-1
Stigmatella aurantiaca
Penicillium sp.
Penicillium polonicum
Oscillatoria sp.
Oscillatoria chalybea
biofilms A (Rivularia sp./Calothrix parietina community)
Aspergillus niger
Actinomycetes spp.