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To search for mVOCs in the mVOC database you can use each search field and dropdown menu separately.
  • Search for a specific mVOC by Pubchem-ID, name or molecular formular. It is also possible to enter a prefix or suffix of names like "ska" for "skatole". The same applies for molecular formula. By entering "C6", mVOCs containing 6 carbon atoms will be shown.
  • Search for several mVOCs in a specific range of molweight or logP.
  • To view mVOCs by chemical groups use the Chemical classification dropdown menu.
  • To view a species' signature table chose a species from the bacterial or fungal species dropdown menu.
  • Draw your own structure to perform similarity or substructure searches (Structure Search).
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Pubchem-ID: e.g. 31260
Name: e.g. 3-methylbutan-1-ol
Formula: e.g. C9H9N or C6
Molweight:> < e.g. between > 100 and < 300
logP:> < e.g. between > -1.5 and < 2
Chemical Classification e. g. Alkenes, Alcohols or Ketones
Bacterial Species
Fungal Species