Search emitter/receiver of discrete mVOCs

In co-cultivation assays the receiver organism is exposed to the complex and rather undefined mixture of emitted VOCs. It is conceivable to know the underlying bioactive compounds. Here we provide an up-to-date data-set of discrete/individual compounds causing effects in plants, fungi, bacteria, invertebrates and vertebrates.
Search can be performed by:
  • Pubchem-ID, name or molecular formular. It is also possible to enter a prefix or suffix of names like "ska" for "skatole". The same applies for molecular formula. By entering "C6", mVOCs containing 6 carbon atoms will be shown.
  • Search for several mVOCs in a specific range of molweight or logP.
  • To view discrete VOCs by chemical groups use the Chemical classification dropdown menu.

Pubchem-ID: e.g. 263
Name: e.g. Benzaldehyde
Formula: e.g. CH3CH2CH2CH2OH
Molweight:> < e.g. < 100
logP:> < e.g. between > 0.5 and < 1