Signature for Methanobacterium formicicum

This table gives you a general view of the organism's signature. All mVOCs of the choosen species are represented. Furthermore, other fungal or bacterial species emitting those compounds are displayed. The signature of a bacterium or fungi shows the significance of the mVOCs on the current scientific knowledge. Compounds that are emitted by just one of the listed species are colored in green.


SpeciesArsenic trihydrideArsineDimethylarsineDimethyldiseleniumDimethylselenium DimethylstibineDimethyltellurium Monomethylarsine Monomethylstibine StibineTrimethylarsinesTrimethylbismuthTrimethylstibine
Methanobacterium formicicum
Clostridium collagenovorans
Desulfovibrio gigas
Methanosarcina barkeri
Desulfovibrio vulgaris
Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum
Candida humicola
Methanobacterium sp.
Scopulariopsis brevicaulis