• P2X receptors

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    Name: P2RX2_HUMAN
    Recommended name: P2X purinoceptor 2
    Alternative Names:
    • ATP receptor
    • Purinergic receptor
    Pubmed: 23253448
    Uniprot ID: Q9UBL9
    Synonyms: P2X2, P2RX2
    Sequence length: 471 AA.
    BindingDB: Q9UBL9
    Kegg: hsa:22953
    Chembl: CHEMBL2531
    Prosite: PS01212
    Pfam: PF00864
    GeneID: 22953
    Ensembl: ENST00000343948
    Phosphosite: Q9UBL9
    RefSeq: NP_036358.2
    UniGene: 258580
    OMIM: 600844
    WikiGenes: 22953


    P2X receptors are trimeric ATP-activated to Na+, K+ and Ca2+. The seven subtypes play different roles in physiological processes, e.g. contraction of smooth muscle, regulation of immune responses and modulation of synaptic transmission. The study of these receptors has improved due to X-ray crystallography. Molecular modeling and in silico ligand docking allow the development of putative ligands.


    Current (pre-)clinical studies investigate the involvement of P2X receptors in pain, inflammation, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, and bladder dysfunction. For the modulation of pain transmission, it has been shown that P2X3, as well as P2X2/3 are promising targets and selective antagonists may be useful analgesic drugs. Interestingly, in traditional Chinese medicine, tetramethylprazine, sodium ferrulate and puerarin are used in the therapy of pain. It has been found, that these compounds target P2X.