• Details for Cluster 408

    • CHEMBL209017

    Identifier in heatmap (Pubchem CID):
    • 11525704

    The members of this cluster are displayed in an interactive heat-map. A 'mouseover' movement shows the compared compounds on the right side.
    • The 2D-similarity is displayed in the upper right triangle. The colors vary from light yellow (Tanimoto 0.7) to red (Tanimoto 1.0).
    • The affinity (IC 50) is displayed in the lower left triangle. The colors vary from green (low affinity) to red (high affinity).
    • The numbers at the axis represent the PubChem Compound Identifier (CID's) of the compounds.
    Clicking on a pair leads to a detailed comparison of the two compounds. Additionally, a similarity search can be performed.