You have several possibilities to download SuperMimic


- download the standard executable file of SuperMimic (0.5 MB) 
This version of SuperMimic is able to bridge up to six amino acid residues.

- download the libraries of peptide mimetics (1 MB) 

- additionally download a binary version of short protein chains between 15 and 100 amino acids

- alternatively download an extended version of SuperMimic that bridges larger sequences (up to 12 residues). This version is recommended if larger parts of the proteins should be replaced, e.g. several helical twists or two antiparallel beta sheets. By bridging larger sequences, the search space is enlarged and therefore computing times increase.

To get the full functionality of the program you should download

  1. one version of the executable file

  2. the data base of the mimetics

  3. one version of the protein data base.

Please unzip all 3 files into the same folder.

Downloading the mimetics and protein libraries (2. and 3.) is not necessary if you use own structures. In this case, download only the executable file.