Structural Bioinformatics Group


Welcome to the Structural Bioinformatics Group!

Synopsis of Our Activities

As an interdisciplinary research group, we focus on multiple research topics in fields of bio/cheminformatics and personalized medicine. Our primary interests are in understanding the structure, function and interaction of chemicals with therapeutic and off-targets. By applying a wide range of cheminformatics methods including chemical similarity approaches, molecular docking and simulations, we propose hypotheses to answer complex questions in drug discovery. We develop in silico models to predict the target landscape of small molecules relevant in cancer research and for other pharmaceutically relevant endpoints (cardiotoxicity, hepatotoxicity etc.). With an aim to serve the research community, we developed several bio- and cheminformatics databases and web servers (listed below). Using our knowledge base and toolchain, we analyze healthcare data in order to propose recommendations to improve decision making in clinical practices, and develop computational methods to contribute to the state-of-the-art in the research field.

Our group is part of the Charite Technology Transfer initiative, for information please check the catalogue [PDF]

List of bio- and cheminformatic databases and web servers (selected):

More information on our research activities as well as databases and applications developed in our group is available here.